International Committee

“The International Committee focuses on international matters. Rotary carries out a range of international programmes and activities designed to help members reach out to people in need worldwide, through it’s network of local and international clubs. Rotary is truly the world’s local community service organisation.
Although Rotary International projects cover a broad range of specific needs, RI’s main areas of focus as a worldwide organisation focuses on:
– peace and conflict prevention/resolution
– disease prevention and treatment
– water and sanitation
– maternal & child health
– basic education and literacy
– economic and community development
– youth programmes
POLIO PLUS: Since 1985, a key priority for Rotary has been the eradication of polio from the planet! As a result, today this disease remains endemic in only three countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria – although related outbreaks still occur today in other polio free countries. After more than 25 years of hard work, Rotary and it’s partners are “This close” to eradicating this tenacious disease forever. The Club continues to support this effort.
The International Committee covers club related aspects of the Rotary Foundation, the charitable trust of Rotary International. It also is the main liaison point for connection with our twinned clubs of Peronne (France) and Heidelberg-Schloss (Germany) and helps organise visits to and from these clubs.
To acknowledge the international nature of Rotary, on a periodic basis the Club organises an international toast – where a member of the Club is asked on a voluntary basis to contact a Club in another country to notify them that on a particular evening their Club will be honoured with a toast at a Walton Rotary Club meeting.
Below is a list of some of the international charities/projects supported by or Club in recent years:
– Aqua Boxes: the provision of a rapid response boxed kit for safe drinking water and welfare aid items in responses to man made or natural disasters
– Multi year sponsorship to support the education of a child in India (through the Kings World Trust)
– Shelter Boxes (for Columbia): provision of boxes containing a disaster relief tent for a family together with essential survival equipment for deployment in response to disaster such as hurricanes and floods
– St. Michael’s Children’s Home in Uganda: a children’s home located in a suburb of Kampala
– Polio Plus funding
– Kids for Kids: funding for a goat in the Darfur region of Sudan to assist with creating sustainable villages in this area of the world
– Bikes for Africa: collection of unused bikes in the UK and funding for shipment costs so that the bikes, once refurbished, can be supplied to users in Africa to allow the users to travel to get work, to collect water, etc.”