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Walton Rotary Club wins RI Global Grant

On March 8, 2016, the Walton Rotary Club received news that it was successful in being awarded a Global Grant from Rotary International. The grant was co-sponsored by our twinned club in Germany, the Rotary Club of Heidelberg-Schloss, and combined with the funds from both those clubs, makes available the sum of US$62,911. The funds will be used for a significant project designed to prevent child trafficking of young girls in Nepal, and will involve the support of a local Rotary Club there – the Rotary Club of Kopundol – with the able assistance of Childreach Nepal, part of the UK based charity, Childreach International, operating under their “Taught Not Trafficked” initiative there.

Child Trafficking is an international organized crime. Children in many underdeveloped countries are particular targets. Trafficking rates in Nepal are very high due to the ease with which victims, especially children, can be recruited. Education for children, particularly girls, is a key to reducing levels of trafficked children. Cultural norms in Nepal require separate sanitary facilities for girls in order for them to attend and remain in school. This project was based on a plan to construct 124 new toilets and renovate 11 existing facilities in the Nuwakot region of Nepal and will provide separate toilet facilities for over 2000 female children. The existence of these facilities will foster an environment which will permit girls to be allowed by their families to remain and obtain an education. If not enrolled and attending school, the chances of them being sent abroad for seemingly good domestic jobs, but instead seeing them sold into slavery and prostitution, is extremely high.

The project will be completed by early 2018. The Club is delighted to have become involved in this project and looks forward to the hard work to complete the project with the grant money received.”